Manny, Take Your Apology and Shove It

Upon returning to Fenway Park, Manny Ramirez "manned" up and apologized for the bad divorce between him and the Red Sox.

He apologized for the way it all went down, apologized for his fight with Kevin Youkilis and basically, apologized for creating the shit storm that he left at Fenway Park before he headed off to LA.

That's all good and fine, but you know what Manny, you can shove the apology up your crazy, self-centered, ass.

Yea, I know the guy is a great hitter and will be in the Hall of Fame at some point, but where was the apology before he headed back to Boston for a short series with his new team the Chicago White Sox?

Is the apology coming because he's headed for a slew of boo's at Fenway or is he sincere?

Before you pass judgment, read the stories and analyze how Manny apologized. As ESPN put it, how can someone turn an apology into a glowing statement about yourself.

Manny's either crazier than a shit house rat or a brilliant psycho-warrior.

I'm going with the former. How about you?

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