Tips for Blogging Apple Fan Boys on the Go

Apple_Fanboy_250x250.pngI'll admit, I'm an Apple Fan Boy. The company can do no wrong in my opinion and all their products kick ass. Yea, I know it's a shallow view of a company and its products, but since I went Mac, I've yet to go back.

As a hardcore blogger, I find their are a ton of apps that help me write, organize and publish my stuff.

Here are some apps that you blogging Mac heads should be using.

If you're publishing in various places, you should be using Evernote. The digital notebook is your memory on a device. There's a great app for the Mac and the iPhone app is just as great. I draft all my posts in Evernote so I can tag them, save them and refer to them after they have been published in various places. It's also a great way to keep jotting down ideas and refer to them when you're looking for content to push out.

Check out Things, an app that will allow you to have a synced to do list. The app will help you check off all those posts you need to write or have written and syncs between your Mac and iPhone. It's also a great project manager app.

Any time you need to save an image or a file, use Dropbox. It's basically your own personal server and allows you to grab your items from either your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Comes in handy when you want to transfer images for your blog posts.

Writing Apps
If you're writing for a handful of blogs, check out MarsEdit. It's a great cross-platform app and will allow you to write a single post, then send it to various blogs you've signed up for.

There are also apps for Wordpress, Squarespace and Blogger for the iPhone. Each come in handy when you want to write posts on the fly.

RSS Goodness

Any good blogger subscribes to a zillion blogs to help him or her with keeping in touch on what the blogosphere is talking about. I happen to use Google Reader but specifically use NetNewsWire, which syncs to Google Reader and has an app for the Mac as well as the iPhone and iPad. So wherever I am, I can have my RSS feeds at my finger tips.

What tools and apps are essential to your blogging?

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