2010 Boston Red Sox Obituary

rip-redsox.jpgThe 2010 offering of the Boston Red Sox was more like a human sacrifice — a sacrifice that saw body after body piled up on the disabled list throughout the entire season.

The DL list was longer than Al Capone's rap sheet and as a result, put the team in a hole early on in the season. Yea, I know the season isn't technically over, but it sure looks and feels like it.

The Sox flirted with a AL East contention but as of this writing, are 6.5 games out of the wild card race. With the way the Yankees and DRays are playing, there's really no way the Sox are going to make a come back.

The DRays and Yankees are in a dead heat and unless there is a historic and monumental meltdown by both teams, the Sox will be making golf reservations as opposed to playoff travel plans.

I'm not sure what it was with this team, but they just couldn't string wins together. When they would, a key player would go down for the count. If you want to put the blame somewhere, maybe look at the front office. They made zero impact moves. In Theo we trust right? Well, not this year. 

I'm of the opinion that the lure of 2004 and 2007 is long, long gone and the team needs to start going young and gulp, look to rebuild the franchise. Yea, I said it...the R word - REBUILD.

If we waited 86 years for a parade, my guess is that we can wait for a few more for a third.

Then again, we are talking about the Red Sox and their impatient fans. I know this to be true as I speak from experience. I'm one of them.

So rest in peace 2010 Boston Red Sox. We'll see you in 2011 and hopefully you're medical staff won't be bigger than your roster.

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