Closing the Book on the 2011 Red Sox

Theo+and+Tito bmp  500×375

Tito and Theo in happier days

A few thoughts about the 2011 Red Sox:

Tito was shit canned. No way around that. And, the Red Sox organization are masters of spin.

Maz is right. Blame shouldn't be just on Tito's shoulders. There's plenty of it to go around, for sure.

I'm not surprised that fans are split on the Tito decision. Someone needed to take the fall, but whether or not it was Tito's fault, remains to be seen

Wonder who they are going to pick as the next skipper? Maybe make some history with that decision?

How about some of the old skippers from years past?

Was "The Collapse" one of the worst moments in Boston sports history?

Was the Tito shit-can event one of the worst Sox break-ups?

I couldn't really hear what the Red Sox brass were saying as it relates to The Collapse. All I heard was, "Talking point, talking point and talking point."

Who was the MVP of this team and maybe the league?

Eh, all I know is that the team that was going to win a boat load of games choked. I also know that deep down, Sox fans really love the fact that they lost in this fashion. It reminds them (and me) what it was like pre-2004. It makes us eager again. It makes us want a better ball club that wants to compete and wants to play for each other. It makes us want a coach that we can love and support. It makes us want to win again.

RIP 2011 Boston Red Sox.

Go Tampa Bay.