We've All Become "Like" Button Robots

What prompts you to like something on Facebook? Look at this:


This is a status update from Mark Zuckerberg. Yea, is it interesting that he knows that it was his 10,000th day of his life? Sure.

But, why do THAT many people feel compelled to like it?

Imagine if this was Google+? You'd see this update and the fan engagement of it ranked pretty high in search results I bet.

Eh, I was going to like it and then said to myself, why? You really gives a rats ass that it's his 10,000th day? That got me thinking of how we've become "like" robots -- clicking the like button without an regard to the weight it gives the content. We shouldn't be so whimsical in giving them away. Let people earn then. Write content that's meaningful, informative, funny, important, etc. If people like it, great. If they don't, then that's fine too. Let's just not be like robots any more.