What the Hell is Going on with the Revere Police and Fire Departments?

The City of Revere is pretty unique, as you'd know from reading any of these posts. As a result, I created a new feature called "Only in Revere." This is the first installment of what I'm certain will be many.

Onlyinrevere 1

Remember what I wrote the other day about the Revere cop who was busted slacking off on the job? Well, now there's two more cops added to the "what the F" list (via the Revere Journal):

Late last week, television media outlets in Boston began reporting that the State Police were investigating an allegation brought forth by a woman who said two off-duty Revere Police officers had raped her or engaged in some sort of sexual misconduct.

The two Revere officers, described as veterans, were at the Saugus home of one officer and were, again, off-duty. It reportedly occurred on the weekend of September 17 and 18.

More here: State Police Investigation Reportedly Focuses on Revere Officers

Then, yesterday, there was a scary event that took place on my street.

I was hanging with my daughter in our back yard and heard the screeching of breaks. It was a Revere Fire Department truck that stopped in front of my neighbors house. I heard screaming and some commotion so I went out front and tried to take in what was happening. All I could see were hoses all over the street:

Firehosesonstreet 1

This is the end of the hose parade that was left on the street.

0  2592×1936

This is the crew from the truck, rolling up the hoses

I turned, and look towards the intersection of Park Ave and Dale Street and saw a middle age man lying face down not the sidewalk. From what my neighbors told me, the guy was hit in the head with a hose that fell off the truck as the Fire Department took a left on to my street (at a pretty good clip I'll add).

From what others told me, there was someone who saw the whole thing, but when the Fire Chief arrived, the situation was quickly dispersed; the guy was put into the ambulance, and taken away. I thought the guy was dead because there was no movement. But, some said they could hear him moaning.

It was a pretty scary situation and three things really bother me (other than my neighbor being injured): One, why the heck is the truck flying down the street (unless they were answering a call, which is probably the case). Two, why aren't items on the truck secured considering that these trucks do need to speed to calls at a moments notice. Lastly, why does the Fire Chief feel compelled to squash the situation without addressing questions that were asked of him by the ambulance staff as well as a staff member of the Revere Journal who just so happened to be driving by as the event was unfolding? Is it because he knows that someone should be held responsible for this and that the man injured should sue the city's ass off?

Regardless, when is the city going to start holding the police and fire departments accountable for all the crap that's been going on. This fire hose incident is like icing on the cake.

Come on citizens, this stuff is an outrage. I hope the guys running for mayor read this. Someone needs to make a monumental change in this city.