Say Goodbye to RSS Feeds: Facebook Launches Subscribe Button for Websites

Facebook To Launch Subscribe Button for Websites

Mashable is reporting that Facebook is launching the subscribe button for websites.

Yes, you read that right.

Soon, you will be able to subscribe to content on any website just how you can "like" content and share it with your social graph.

This functionality will have big implications as to how we connect with brands on the web and in fact, it could potentially be a RSS killer.

No longer will consumers need to subscribe to RSS feeds and utilize another application to access the content. All they have to do is simply hit the subscribe button and digest the content within Facebook. This is a simple development in the world of Facebook, but it's going to have far reaching implications and is yet another way that Facebook will collect data on users in terms of the brands they like, content they share, etc.

It's a brilliant move by Facebook. I'm personally saddened by the move because I use Feedly and Reeder as my main feed readers. Not sure I want everything dumped into Facebook, but that's where it seems to be headed with the Subscribe button for websites.