Work Doesn't Stop When You're Sick

Flu pic

My house has been the sick ward for about a month. My wife and I have avoided the flu bug for a little bit, until this week. I've had the chills, sweats, fever and cough since Monday night and it couldn't have come at a worse time.

You see, work is jamming, which is another word for ridiculously busy. There's new business to chase. Client programs to manage. Teams to work with. Results to get and so on and so on.

And all of this is for my full time job. Add in my moonlight gig as executive editor for Technorati and my days are pretty much filled with work.

So when the flu bug comes knocking without an appointment, it really throws a grenade into the room.

Holy disruption Batman.

It's hard to focus. It's difficult to sleep. It's unbelievably hard to focus on what you need to get done. Regardless of the uphill battle and how hard it is, you have to fight it and get things done.

The work never ends.

How do you manage the sick/to do list balance?