True Inspirtation: Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham

Sometimes you hear about stories that absolutely blow you away. They are stories of adversity, courage and triumph that dwarf any problems you think are insurmountable.

That's the case with Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham, a young kid who was born with Myelomeningocele, better known as Spina bifida. He has spent his entire life in a wheelchair and one day, while watching his older brother ride his BMX bike at a skater park, he was thrown into his new daredevil type passion.

Fotheringham, or Wheelz as he's known, is a 19 year old kid with a cult-like, global following. This stems from his antics with the Nitro Circus Live Tour after successfully landing 40ft backflips, double backflips and front-flips in the past six months — all of course, in a wheelchair.

The Vimeo description of Wheelz puts it best:

"The Las Vegas teenager is one of the most inspirational athletes in the entire action-sports industry; he hasn’t let spina bifida dictate his lot in life and has taken his custom-built wheelchair to places they’ve never been before, including skateparks, BMX parks and of course, the Giganta-Ramp."

Truly an inspirational story.

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