Business is Business so Control What You Can Control

I'm 37 years old and feel like I've been working a lifetime. I was a reporter in my college days (both for my local town paper and later for the Boston Globe). I've worked for agencies and worked on the client side.

All throughout my career I've worked with people that have helped me learn about this business as well as helped me improve my strengths and address my weaknessess.

At some point, I've started to help others do that as well. I wouldn't call myself a mentor, but I do like to help others when and if I can, no matter what the request. That's my overall attitude when it comes to work. It's just work, but I do love what I do.

When change happens, it can be difficult. I know this from experience. The key to dealing with change I find, is that you have to find the silver lining (because there always is one) and determine how the change will benefit you. 

There are two sayings that I use all the time to keep me grounded: control what you can control and efficiency over speed. These two statements help me focus on what I need to do to futher my career, manage client programs, get results, etc. They also keep me from wallowing in stuff that I can't control and impact directly. 

How do you deal with change in the work place?