How Much Technology is Too Much for Your Kids?

My kids are hung up on Club Penguin. They love it. It's interactive. There are games to play. There are other people to interact with (to a certain extent).

My oldest is the one that plays it the most and she's seven. My youngest, of course, wants to do what her big sister is doing. As a result, I succumbed to pressure this morning and got her an account to the tune of 60 bucks for the year.

Now they are both happy, doing their own thing on Club Penguin, but I have to ask myself, is it too much? Should I limit their computer time or let them explore the digital world as much as possible?

It's a tough call because I'm a gear head and love technology. But there's something to be said about playing and using your imagination?

How do you limit your kid's technology in-take?