Pink Frosted Donuts and Social Media

I have two lovely daughters, age 7 and 4; both my greatest achievements (combined with a fantastic wife).

Like any other kid, they love donuts with the frosting on them, specifically the pink frosted ones.

As I was walking to the train today I saw a young girl who was about 5 or so, thoroughly enjoying a pink frosted donut.

The trance she was in due to the pink frosted goodness, reminded me of how each of us have a pink frosted donut that we covet. And when it comes to social media, it's important for brands to find their audience's pink frosted donut.

The point here is that there's no sense of developing a social media program if you haven't done your homework. You want to give your audience what they want, as long as it fits within the framework of your business objectives. Because making pink frosted donuts when no one is going to eat them, is a waste.