And You Wonder Why Revere Has Its Reputation

I've always been a city guy. I don't see myself living in a sprawling mansion with acres of land. I might end up in suburbia someday, but not yet. The city is where it's at because it keeps me close to the office and everything me and family need -- including relatives. I grew up in the city (Cambridge) and when I bought a house, I wanted it to be in a similar type city.

As most of you know, I ended up in Revere -- a city that stinks of political corruption, crooked cops and some really notorious bad guys that do whatever they want, when they want. The residents of the city vary in terms of societal status, race, color and creed. It's a mixed bag, so to speak, which is why I like the city. Diversity is a good thing. 

However, a city has it's downsides and one of those things is drugs. Yes, you can't hide from this stuff and it's not just happening in suburbia. I know this. But in the city, there just seems to be more of it and it's more visible. 

So when I read this story in the Journal about Revere cops getting busted for drug use, I wasn't shocked. 

And we wonder why Revere's reputation is what it is.