Winning in Social Media: Finding Your Brand's Oprah Effect

Over the last few years, I've worked with a variety of brands who ask me, "how can we impact business with the help of social media?" My answer is never the same because each business has their own challenges. 

One thing that's common regardless of industry or brand stature, each company can use a little help from the Social Media Oprah Effect. 

As the queen of day-time TV wraps up her 25 year career, there's a simple lesson to be learned from her impact on business:

Surround influencers with the right content and they will share it with their circle of trust. 

Over the years, Oprah has plugged products, books, etc. in a way that's ben genuine and authentic. She has built trust with her audience and they will basically follow her off a cliff (so to speak). So when Oprah says buy this book, people buy that book. Businesses would line up to get a touch of the Oprah Effect.

The lesson learned is that every industry has an Oprah, handful of Oprah's or a small network of Oprah's. They key is getting content in their hands that resonates with them and without hesitation, is shared with their networks.

That's the Social Media Oprah effect as it relates to content and moving audiences to an action. Simple concept, but it works.