Why a Bruins' Stanley Cup Matters to Me

When I was a teenager, my brother and I bought our father a Boston Bruins clock that has a Bobby Orr player card laminated on it. It has a little shelf to put other things on it as well. In fact, I think there's a Bruins shot glass that rests on the shelf.

Since he's had the clock, my father has yet to put a battery in it. When he opened up the gift and realized what it was, he turned to us and said, "I'm not putting a battery in the clock until they win the cup."

That, as I mentioned, was 20+ years ago. Every year we talk about the Bruins and my father always says, "This could be the year I put in the battery."

So now that the Bruins are four games away from taking home Lord Stanley's cup, I think about the clock and what my father said that day.

For me, a Stanley Cup would be more than just a parade. It would be fullfilling a promise that's over 20 years past due.

Let's get it B's!