Beer Wars and a Bigger Dislike for Budweiser

BeerwarsmovieAs you know, I landed an interview with the top dog of Dogfish Head brewery. I'm an avid Dogfish Head fan so I'm beyond stoked. During my research on Sam Calagione, I came across the 2009 documentary called "Beer Wars."

It's a great piece that talks about the big conglomerates of beer, like Bud, who are making every effort to crush the momentum craft brewers like Dogfish, have made over the past few years.

While the affinity for the watered down Bud-like brands exist, there's a growing thirst for brews that are made by real people, that have real taste and have a real identity. This documentary shines a light on a few brewers trying to do just that, but find themselves going head to head with big marketing machines that are dominating shelf space.

If you're a craft beer drinker, I highly recommend you watch "Beer Wars." I was a huge anti-bud fan before. Now I'm even more so. Big brands are bad for beer. Long live the passion and craftsmanship that's poured into every bottle of beer like Dogfish and the slew of others that make up a fraction of the beer on the market today.