Mac OSX Lion is Great, But...

20110525 Mac LION pic 2

I'm roughly 72+ hours into my OSX Lion experience and it's great. I won't get into all the stuff that's awesome about it, but rather the things that bug me:

  • Touch pad functionality doesn't work well in Chrome or Firefox.
  • In browser scrolling (window in a window) is a horrible experience in other browers.
  • The app window (you know, the bigger version of the iPhone), is sort of useless to me so far. It adds a slew of things that are installed on your machine and I can't figure out a way to delete them other than to go into the applications panel and do it from there.
  • At first, my mac ran slower, but after a couple of reboots, it was working just fine.
  • The swipe functionality to go from different work spaces works ok, not as smooth or untuitive as I'd like it.

These are minor beefs, the biggest is the browser stuff. I'm sure that'll get fixed with some patches by Google and Mozilla.

What do you like/hate about Lion?