AT&T to Drop All But Unlimited Texting Plans


So AT&T is going to cut all but their pay as you go and the unlimited texting plans. Ok, that's fine. I have unlimited because I text all the time -- text with my family, friends, colleagues, etc. It's a simple way to communicate. It's quick and effective. With the proliferation of smart phones, texting is just about as close to real time messaging as you're going to get (other than instant message services).

The question, why do these plans still exist? Why not just include unlimited texting for every user and just add in those costs to the month plan? Why give users a choice since I'd argue that just about everyone with a mobile phone uses text messaging at some point.

Stop finagling with plans, price ranges, etc. and make things simpler for your customers AT&T.

Via: AT&T to drop all but Unlimited texting plans | iLounge News