The World Doesn't Need More Blackberries

RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphone Review | Macworld

Macworld did a review of the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphone and the headline read, "Blackberry Torch 9810: solid, responsive and slightly underwhelming."

I haven't touched the device, but could have wrote that headline and review mostly because I had the first version of the torch for work. It sucked. Big time. I've also have a few other BB's, including the Curve and the Storm. Both were ok, but not a work horse for personal and professional stuff.

With the advance of the Android and the stronghold the iPhone has, it's just a matter of time before BB's are dead. Someone needs to buy the operating system (mostly BB Messenger, which is the only thing people really talk about when they discuss differentiating factors of RIM's offering).

Both the Storm and the Torch were supposed to put BB back on the map. Neither device has reached the hype. Neither will any other device the company puts out.

RIM should be RIP. Sell your assets or get bought by Apple.