AT&T Failed Me But Also Helped Me Unplug on Vacation

I took the family to the White Mountains in New Hampshire this weekend and we had a blast. We hit up Storyland, did a little shopping, chilled at the indoor water park as well as poolside. The weather was awesome and overall we had a great time.

Now, you think a guy like me -- one that is always plugged in -- would be checking email, tweeting, updating my Facebook, GPlusing, checking in on Foursquare, etc. But no, I really wasn't. Not because of my own choice, but because AT&T's coverage on that part of New Hampshire blows. Yes, I realize I'm in the mountain area, but seriously, why can't a company that big have significant coverage in an area that's well populated -- especially during the summer months.

So thank you AT&T for helping me un plug for the weekend, despite not having the option to do so.