Apple Allegedly Loses Another Unreleased iPhone…Again

Apple loses another unreleased iPhone  exclusive | Apple  CNET News

I'm an avid Apple gadget owner. I love my iPhone, Macbook, Mac Air, iPad 1 & 2, etc. Yes, I'm a fanboy. So, of course, I'm following right along with the iPhone 5 rumors. While the iPhone 4 is a great device -- probably the best functioning mobile device I've ever owned -- I'm going to get the iPhone 5. Why? Because I have technology issues. Yes, I know it's silly, but it's my money so...

Anyways…I read this story and said to myself, oh no, not again. Did Apple really lose an iPhone 5 prototype? Didn't we already go through this with the loss of the iPhone 4, which trumped Apple's unreleased device presser -- the last iPhone Steve Jobs will ever unveil?

I find it hard to believe that this is legit. If it is legit, it has to be a PR ploy. You figured that a company with this much marketing power wouldn't stoop to something this low. There are enough rumors, device renderings and leaked parts that most of us Apple watchers have figured out -- within reason -- what the device will look like and what specs might be included.

What do you think? PR ploy or just some moron who got loaded at a bar and forgot his iPhone 5?

Source: Apple loses another unreleased iPhone (exclusive) | Apple - CNET News