Professional Sports and the 10-Year Anniversary of 9/11

While America pauses and reflects on the horrific events of September 11, 2001, there's parallel path that's being taken by many who are moving on, healing and celebrating life, not mourning.

Of course, this path is walked because time is a powerful thing. It heals and is a catalyst for people to move on from tragedy. And, one of the ways in which people move on, is by watching sports.

Who could forget professional sports getting back under way in the fall of 2001. The NY Yankees in the World Series (and nearly winning it). NFL stadiums bleeding red, white and blue (capped by a team called the Patriots, winning the Superbowl earlier that year).

And today, the NFL kicks off their Sunday ritual with celebration and remembrance.

Regardless of what you think of professional sports, it is a fabric of our country that binds people together regardless of race, color or creed. At times like these, it doesn't matter if you're a Red Sox or Yankees fan. What matters is that you're a fan. You're a fan of a country that is the home of many talented professional athletes that provide us with memories and an opportunity to get away from the mundane rituals of life and get lost in the pure enjoyment of fourth and one or two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded.

Never forget but at the same time, make sure you enjoy the game.

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