WE Are Big Brother, Thanks to Facebook

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The Boston Globe tells us that WE are Big Brother. HE isn't watching US. WE'RE watching EACH OTHER. Courtesy of Facebook.

When we worry about surveillance, we do so from the part of us that grunts, not the part that fusses about rights. The fear of being watched is blood-borne — the Original Fear, the prospect of predation. George Orwell understood this. His “1984” is more than a political fable or a swipe at utopian ideals — it is a horror story. And reading the book, you get the sense that the nightmare does not reside in Big Brother, the unblinking eye of the State. The scariest thing about the tale is this: The real predators are your co-workers, your neighbors, your actual big brother.

So true.

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Image Credit: Greg Klee, Boston Globe