Sometimes You Need Side Projects

Cold Pizza  Dudes talking about food brews and stogies

I've been blogging, tweeting, status updating, creating videos, etc. for quite some time. And, if you've been following along this magic journey you know that I have this love/hate relationship with social media. I get bored with it after a while. I need to keep things fresh and exciting in order for me to keep generating content, meet new people, try out new services, etc.

I was in one of those ruts a couple of days ago, but over the weekend I started a new side project with a few cool dudes in their own right.

It's called Cold Pizza and it's about food, brews and stogies -- three things guys typically consumer at a feverish pace.

It'll be a different avenue for me to publish some of my stuff in a different, more punchy tone. It'll also help me work with some talented writers and some good guys. It's also focused content, which should help keep focused on the content.

I hope you check it out. Provide some feedback. Send us some pitches. Tell me how to improve it. While I'm doing this for myself, I do want to make sure I'm providing content that's entertaining. So, keep us in check while reading.