Do the New England Patriots Need Randy Moss…Again?

Randy moss  Google Images

So Tom Brady was doing his weekly radio show and was talking about a number of things, one of them being Randy Moss.

According to a report, Moss might not be done with the NFL. In fact, the rumor is that he's headed to the Patriots after the first game of the season (when he'll be eligible to be reinstated after retiring.

"You never know in the NFL," Brady said when asked if he'd be surprised to find himself throwing to Moss again. "I talked to Randy just before training camp started. I love Randy, one of the greatest receivers in the history of the game. One of the greatest players I've ever had the chance to play with, and I love the guy, so. Unfortunately I don’t make personnel decisions. I'd still have all my friends here. Troy [Brown] would still here here. David Patten would still be here. Deion [Branch] would never have left, but I've seen so many guys move on over the years, and then guys come back, so who knows? You never know what the situation will be next week for that matter..."
“I can’t get into his brain at all but I love the guy. He's a friend of mine. If he ever did have the opportunity to come back, I'd certainly welcome him with open arms.”

Personally, while Moss is an entertaining professional athlete (good or bad) and was a former pro-bowler, his skills have diminished over the years. Whether it be by choice or just age, he hasn't had a big game since 2009 (the game they lost to the Colts where he had three TDs, though only racked up 50+ yards in receiving).

With the talented group of receivers the team has now, adding Moss to the mix would be a mistake. Then again, maybe the coaching staff knows something we don't. Moss and Ochocinco on the same side of the ball is a scary proposition if you're a defensive coach. Do you cover over the top or do you cover the underneath stuff? Who do you match up against? Then, who covers Deon Branch and Wes Welker (arguably the two best receivers on the team)?

Like we always say in New England: In Belichick we trust.