Google Acquires Zagat; Maybe Cooking LBS Goodness?


Google bought Zagat. Holy cripes batman. That's big news and big doings for the search giant.


Well, with Google+ rolling along to the tune of millions of users in a short span, the company has proven that it can do social right. Now, with purchase of Zagat, the company will have access to a ton of content focused on places.

Can you hear Zuckerberg and his cronies at Facebook rumbling? What will this mean for Google? How will they leverage the power of Zagat? How will they socially enable the content? Google+ check ins? Is it to help drive search for Zagat ratings?

Who really knows. One thing is for certain, I smell something social about it, specifically something in the Location Based Services area.

What do you think?

Google Acquires Zagat To Flesh Out Local Reviews | TechCrunch

p.s. Kudo's to @dtheran for the heads up.