Red Bandanna, 9/11 and Forgetting What Happens Between the Lines of Sports

Red bandanna honoring 9 11 hero goes perfectly with UCF s school colors  OrlandoSentinel com

There's a ton of stories and videos about 9/11 and the 10th anniversary. I've been sucked into it big time. The days is still very clear to me and the images I saw on the screen will forever be burned into my head.

The stories and images are horrific. However, over time, stories have developed that put the day and life into perspective.

The story linked below is about a former Boston College Lacrosse player who lost his life on that fateful day. He died saving others. Advice and a gift his father gave him years prior was the catalyst of identifying the man who saved countless people on that dreadful day. To UCF students came together and started a movement to honor the BC player (at a rival school) nonetheless.

It's stories like this that get you thinking about how at times, there seems to be bigger things at play in this world and that sports isn't always about what happens between the lines.

Red bandanna honoring 9/11 hero goes perfectly with UCF's school colors -