Brand Storytelling: H&R Block and Detroit

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Social media has forced brands to rethink their public relations and marketing strategies to focus on story telling. While consumers want their information quickly, it's as important to make sure that the message your "selling" truly resonates and hits a nerve.

This is what is called social marketing, or what is more commonly known as storytelling.

Brands have to develop creative ways to tell their story, their mission and their value proposition.

In this video, H&R Block is promoting one of their products that helps consumers look at previous year tax returns to see if there is any way to collect additional funds. However, instead of a steady stream of marketing messages, H&R Block told the story of Detroit — a story of economic hardship and cultural diversity, wrapped up in a warm blanket of hope and a prosperous future.

You'll learn about what it's like to live and work in Detroit, but at the same time, learn about H&R Block's services.

It's a well done piece and brands should take notice.

This is how you "sell" stories.

First published on Technorati.