Messages to Dad: I'm Doing Ok With It Now

The road

Hey Dad, been a while. Haven't written to you here in a bit. Thought it was time to check in.

I read "The Road" and it reminded me a lot about you.

The story is about a world that has been ravished by something bad. But it's really about the journey a father and son make through that world. It's a it their survival; lessons taught from father to son; coming to grips with the inevitable; finding hope when all you are surrounded by is despair; and, moving on after losing someone you love because there is no alternative.

When you passed away, I was hitting a stride in my life. Family was great, work was picking up, health was good, etc., etc. Then we lost you like the kid in the book did.

I had no choice but to pick up and move on. It was hard (and it still is). Everyday is harder, but easier at the same time.

I've moved on from being mad, but rather happy. Happy to have shared so many memories with you. Happy to be your son. Happy you were there to see me ride my fire bike; do well in school; get my first job (and others); see our teams win championships; see me get married to a wonderful woman who you loved dearly and raise two wonderful daughters who loved you so so much.

I am forever grateful for the road you led me down. Forever grateful for the wisdom, morales, street smarts, toughness, kindness and thoughtfulness you instilled in me.

You were a walking life season on how to do things right and learn from mistakes.

That's the road you led me down and the road I'm currently on with my own family.

I leave you with a quote from the book that made my eyes well up:

“If I’m not here you can still talk to me. You can talk to me and I’ll talk to you. You’ll see.”

I'll never stop talking to you dad. Thanks for listening.