Dear CC Chapman: A Review of Amazing Things Will Happen

Dad and IDear CC,

I read your book titled "Amazing Things Will Happen."

I knew it was going to be one of those self help type of books, but written in a no bullshit way, a style that I myself enjoy and employ in my own writing. I thank you for that. We, as in consultants in digital marketing and people in general, tend to write in big people words to make themselves sound smarter. 

Let's not do that any more. Ever. So again, thank you for that.

Overall, it was well written and reinforced a lot of what's been floating around in my head since I lost my father unexpectedly in February of this year.

After reading the book, this was my reaction (this will make sense to you, but maybe not to others, which is why they should buy the book first, read it and then come back to this post). It's in random order:

  • I don't let the small things in life bother me. Ever. It's a time suck.
  • I keep my connections in circles because it's easier that way and honestly, just makes friggin' sense.
  • I'm learning to take time out for me and skip rocks.
  • I'm a constant note taker, but the way you organize your thoughts will help me organize mine. Thanks.
  • Your dead on balls about not knowing when your last day (or those you love) will arrive and the fact that we can't escape it. I hate that.
  • I've always helped others and never expected anything in return. But screw it. I'm asking for help and expecting people to help me out now. Tired of always being about other people. It's my time now.
  • Big goals are great, but a bunch of little ones that roll of together are even better and more attainable, as you said.
  • Playing in the rain? Yea, I totally need to do that. Really. Need. To. Do. That.
  • Saying no? Yep, need to do that too.
  • I never say can't, but do know my limitations. You have to, otherwise you're a moron.
  • Reading and learning more? Yep, doing that.
  • Focusing on the good in life? Yep, that's a must do. Always.
  • The seesaw analogy? Rock, fucking, solid.
  • Bending rules is something that makes me kind of queezy, but I totally get it.
  • Serendipity? Closed souls? Hallway magic? Yep, need to do WAY more of that.
  • laughed out loud on the plane when I read that. Love it.
  • Not act of gratitiude is too small to say thank you? Hell yea...I couldn't agree more.

Basically, your book is about living a better life, succeeding personally and professionally by controlling what you can control (though we made need help along the way).

My dad never asked for help, which ultimately led him down the path he took and eventually cut his life way too short. I've been mad at him for that, but at the same time, appreciate and love him more for it too.

Not to sound soft, but you've inspired me; Inspired me to do all the things I do now that make me, me. But, of course, better.

More importantly though, you've inspired me to take my many notes, blog posts, status updates, thoughts etc. and compile them into a book; a book about what my father has taught me in life and in death. Random thoughts, apologies, emotions, stories and much more that's all wrapped into a collection of experiences I think others can learn from. More importantly though, I think it'll help me bring some mental closure to losing a man I loved dearly, who was my hero and who I thought was unbreakable, until that fateful February evening.

So, good job on the book bro, and as you said, thank you...for writing it and pointing me in the right direction.

My dad would be proud.


PS...we need to talk through this stuff over a meatball parm...very soon.