Why Christmas Eve is Especially Hard This Year

Today is Christmas Eve. It's usually a happy day for our family. We make the rounds, see lots of people, and have boat loads of fun. This year, it'll be hard because it's the one holiday that we'd spend with my dad.

Christmas Eve at Dad's house has been a tradition for years. We all look forward to it, especially the kids. 

It's been 10 months since Dad passed away and it feels like yesterday. Today, he's heavy on my mind. I woke up thinking about him and I'll be thinking about him all day and night. 

We will still head over to Dad's house and spend the evening with my step-mom and step-sisters. It'll be a time for us to heal, share funny stories of dad, shed some tears and be thankful for the time that we spent with him. 

It'll be hard on the kids because Dad would play "The Claw" with them and he'd also bust out his guitar. The kids would request "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain" and other classics. He'd also play "House of the Rising Sun", "Brown Eye'd Girl", "My Girl" and slew of Beatles tunes. 

I'm going to miss that. Christmas Eve will never be the same without him. 

Miss you Dad.