RPD Clearing Roadways of Aggressive Drivers

Images 4I want to think that I've played a small role in bringing aggressive drivers to the attention of the city with my constant harping about speeders on my street. In fact, the city is working on plans to change the traffic flow on my street as a result. This is local government at work. 

Kudos to the city for listening to their citizens and to the RPD for making a great effort in making our streets safer. 

RPD Clearing Roadways of Aggressive Drivers:

After several months of heavy enforcement on Revere’s roads, the message is getting out to aggressive drivers that Revere Police will no longer tolerate nonsense.

Traffic Division Sgt. Chris Giannino told the Journal that Chief Joe Cafarelli has dedicated more staff to the Traffic Division – and with the help of three state grant programs – they have issued over two times more moving violations than in 2011.

Figures from the Revere Police showed that, from January to August of 2011, there were 629 moving violations reported. Meanwhile, during  that same time period this year, the RPD reported 1,347 violations.

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