A Letter to Dan Rizzo, Mayor of Revere

Hit and Run: The victim? My car.Note: My car was damaged in a hit and run over the weekend. This is one incident of many that has happened on my street and I'm sick and tired of it. So, I fired off a letter to the Mayor this morning and cc'd the Revere Journal. i want action and come hell or high water, I'm going to get it.

Dear Mayor,

I'm a resident of Dale Street and over the nearly 10 years I've lived here, we've had more traffic incidents on this street that I can count on my hands and toes. This weekend, there was another incident which involved my parked car. Someone smashed into it over night and drove off without a note.  

Just last year, my neighbor had a visit from her sister, which was an overnight thing. The next morning, she got up to find her car in shambles from a hit and run driver. 

A month ago, a car smashed into the telephone pole. 

These and other incidents (remember the fire truck hose story?), are very frightful incidents. I have two young kids. There are others that live on this street but drivers come off Park Ave or up Dale Street as if this stretch of road way was the Indianapolis 500. 

I'm tired of it and I want something done. Here's what I'm proposing in terms of potential solutions:

  • Make the top part of Dale Street -- where it connects with Park Ave -- a four way stop. Yes, there's a yellow light for traffic coming down the Park Ave hill and coming up Park Ave on to Dale, but people don't slow down. They cruise right through it at speeds of 50mph+. If there were stop signs at the bottom of the hill as well as across the intersection, drivers would be forced to stop. 
  • Another idea is a speed bump of sorts at the top of the street. In Malden, they put in a raise crosswalk that prevents drivers from speeding down Salem Street (Just outside Maplewood Square). 
  • Last thought would be to make the intersection of Dale and Park a working traffic light (red, yellow, green, etc.)

I'm guessing the latter isn't a solution that would be welcomed. However, I bet the first idea would. Stop signs and installation can't be a huge cost the city. It would prevent buses from flying down the hill. It would prevent drivers from speeding up and down Dale Street. And frankly, it would make this neighborhood safer from personal and property damage that us residents are sick and tired of. 

Please confirm receipt of this email and that this issue will be addressed. FYI…a picture of my wrecked car as well as the telephone pole incident is attached to show you what I'm talking about. I've also cc'd the Journal as this is an issue I will not let go easily.

Thanks for your time.

A month ago, someone speeding down my street hit a telephone pole