Local Government Can Work for You; Just Get Involved

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My various complaints about the City of Revere are well documented. My recent issues have been aired publicly and have been noticed by the Mayor and others.

Tonight, I stepped into the local government arena when I was able to speak to the Traffic Commission about the traffic issue on my street.

Long story short, the city is instituting a monitoring program to look at the traffic patterns of drivers who travel on my street -- speed, time of day, etc.

The idea here is to detect when are the key times to send out patrols and bag those that are using my street as a speed way.

There were other suggestions that were proposed by my Ward Councilor, which the committee is considering.

Of course, people are going to drive they want they want to drive, but if we can deter a good portion of them from speeding, then that's a win.

Happy to see the city working towards a solution of this issue and that I have the opportunity to participate in that process.

It's going to be a long road, but you bet your ass I'll bet there every step of the way.