Messages to Dad: Kayla's First Communion

Hey dad, tomorrow if going to be a bitter sweet day. Kayla makes her First Communion and everyone in the family will be there. It'll be nice to see everyone again and get us all together, but yet again, we'll be reminded of the big loss that's been left with your passing away.

It's been over two months and it still feels like it was yesterday that we were at the hospital, game planning with the doctors about how to get your back on your feet and better. We had no idea that those were the last moments we'd spend with you. 

It's been so hard. There are a slew of moments throughout the day that you creep into my mind. It's nice to be able to call Uncle Louie, play my guitar, listen to Beatles songs, watch you playing guitar on video or look at pictures to keep those memories fresh in my mind. 

Tomorrow, while Kayla receives her First Communion, you'll be with her…closer to her than any one of us. 

We had a bracelet made from roses we took from your graveside during the funeral. I remember looking at which roses to take and we took them off of the arrangement that your Panooches gave to you -- Kayla, Jordan, Sam and Joey. It was a beautiful arrangement with red roses that simply read, "Panono."

Here's the bracelet (the little round items between the jewels are the crushed flowers). 

1 Don Martelli

So, while you won't be here with us physically, you'll be in our minds, in our hearts and on Kayla's wrist. 

We miss you.