Messages to Dad: Fish On!

 Hey pops, reeled in a couple of stripers yesterday and talked to Uncle Louie before we set off for the day. Thought of you the entire time I was out there. "Fish on"...was the saying of the day. 

I remember when you'd wake Michael and I up to go to Concord to pluck some large mouth of the pond. We'd hit Pemberton Fruit Market for a couple large subs; filled the cooler with drinks (and beers for you); hit Roaches for some fresh bait; and, load up the car and hit the road pre-dawn style.

The pond would be nearly still and the only sounds you'd hear would be us making racket as we'd get into the metal row boat; load up the gear and set off. 

Later down the road, you finally got a motor for that boat and you were stoked.

We'd buzz around the pond, hit all the spots where you think largies would be hanging out (mostly in the lilly pads). 

We'd keep score and make it competitive via the point system, though it was really just you enjoying being on the pond with your boys, doing what you loved to do.

As we got older, we really didn't fish that much together.I wish we did. One of my biggest regrets.

So, any time I get to cast a reel and pull some in, I'm all over it, hoping all the while that you're screaming up there saying, "FISH ON!"

Love ya Dad. Miss you.