Writing a New Chapter in My Career

Today I start a new gig at Schneider Associates (SA), a full-service public relations and integrated marketing communications agency specializing in Launch Public Relations®, a proprietary method of launching new products and revitalizing icon products to build and sustain awareness, excitement, and sales. 

My official title is Director of Digital Integration and Social Business. In English, that means I'm the guy who will add some digital goodness to our clients public relations and marketing campaigns. 

I'm leaving a good group of people at d50 Media and am going to be working with another group of talented peope at SA.

It's always weird changing jobs. It feels like the first day of school in some respects, but in my case (being that I've been in this business for while), more like coming in as a senior not a freshman. 

I'm looking forward to bringing my talents to a well established firm like SA. The team is just as talented and I feel that I'll fit right in and hopefully have an immediate impact. I'm confident that we'll do good things.

Here's to the next chapter.