Die Hard 5.0 Will Earn Hard Cash

I get pitched a lot for my person blog and for Technorati. Most of the time, the content is bogus. It doesn't fit our [Technorati] editorial style. It's too promotional. Or, it's just plain bad.

Now, I'm a big Die Hard fan and when I saw that Die Hard 5 was coming out, I thought to myself, "there's no way this can be good."

Then I watched the preview and thought, well, hold off on those judgements. It looks pretty good.

We, as in Technorati, tend to get a lot of pitching from people trying to secure links with our site because of the traffic we could generate. Often times, I see the email and hit delete.

But, when I got an email from a finance website that created a very kick-ass infographic about Die Hard 5, I had to post it.

Sure, I'll cough up the link but check out the design of this inforgraphic, giving us 5 Reasons why Die Hard 5.0 Will Earn Hard Cash.

Yippie kay yay mother f#$%@!

5 Reasons Why Americans Will Troop on Payday for Die Hard
Courtesy of:FinancesOnline.com