Graph Search and the Future of Customized Content

Facebook's latest innovation is the Graph Search. I just got it this weekend and it's pretty impressive. It allows me to search for a variety of things, places, people, brands, items, etc. all within the people I'm connected to and the people they are connected to.

The purpose is to get you better content that means something to you as opposed to having to do the filtering yourself.

For example:

 Friends of my friends who like Italian restaraunts

Friends of my friends who like Italian restaraunts

In this case, I'm searching for friends of my friends who like Italian restaurants. The search types are pretty much endless and the more you play with it, the more you can see the benefits of having such a powerful tool at your finger tips.

Looking for a place to eat in Chicago? How needing info on adopting a pet? Your friends are there to help you out.

The next step for Facebook in terms of customizing the content experience is the News Feed.

This will become exceptionally critical for the vitality of Facebook as it's growing more and more important to get the content you want, when you want it (as opposed to filtering and working to get at the content you really want). 

Graph Search and I'm sure future changes to Facebook, will be done with this in mind.

My question, to the likes of Twitter, Pinterest, foursquare and others, is what are they doing in the realm of search? Google, Bing and Yahoo are doing their part -- sort of. But it's going to be the networks that do search well, that will win in the customized content battle.

Imagine if Google partnered with Twitter (beyond their feeble attempt a few years back)?

The power of Graph Search is just the tip of the iceberg. More search functionality across all networks must be coming down the pike. There's too much information out there for us to plow through for it not to be part of these networks' roadmap. Otherwise, we'll spend too much time searching and less time creating, which is the point in all of this, right? 

How do you think search will evolve as it relates to social content?