Is the #Brandowl a Glimpse of What Social TV Could Really Be Like?

It's Monday and those of us who love sports are doing out Monday Morning Quarterback thing. Those of us who are marketers, and arguably those who aren't, are talking about the #Brandbowl. 

For a 30 second spot, it cost brands nearly $4 million. Yes, that's $4 million.

I think the Oreo folks won, even though their splash was made on Twitter and not in a $4 million spot. Another ad that was chatted up included Budweiser's "The Brotherhood," which received four times more shares on Facebook and Twitter than the next most shared spot, which was the commercial for the movie Fast & Furious 6.

Ranked by shares on Facebook as of Feb. 4th, the top five ads were: the 2013 Budweiser's The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood", with 3,147,562 Facebook shares; followed by Fast & Furious 6, with 739,032; Volkswagen with 462,198; Jeep "Whole Again," with 220,802; and Taco Bell's "Viva Young" with 208,010. - Broadcasting & Cable

That's a ton of shares and a ton of free chatter the brands are getting from consumers. 

Question is, why don't brands try to create experiences like this during the other 364 days of the year?

The reason is, they can't. The Super Bowl brings together an eclectic audience during a four hour time-frame. During the other 364 days of the year, we're busy with life.

The Super Bowl is a moment in time and brands have to figure out how to create their own in order to crack the social TV experience.

What opportunities do you see that brands have with socializing their TV advertising?