Letter to My Kids about Why We Are #BostonStrong

Please note: this post is written in a manner that is filled with strong language and grammatically incorrect because I've written it as if I was talking. And no, I don't talk this way to my kids, but considering the circumstances of this week, I felt it was appropriate. 


Hey Kids, 

This week was pretty fucked up. That's the only way Daddy can explain. It was fucked up.

As you know, Mommy and Daddy are huge Red Sox fans. We used to go to the Patriot's Day game every year when we were first dating. We'd get pretty tanked, head down to the Boston Marathon Finish line and continue with our celebrations.

When we got married, had you two little rug rats, that sort of thing stopped. However, we've always watched the marathon, watched the Sox and celebrated in other ways on what is a fhackin' great day, every year, in Boston.

It's pissah, as we'd say.

This year, however, two fhackin' morons decided to detonate two bombs on Boyston Street -- at the final stretch/finish line of the marathon. Three people were killed and nearly 200 people were injured.

It was fhackin' horrible. People lost there arms and limbs. It was a fhackin' bloody mess. I've never seen anything like it. As I said, it was pretty fucked up. 

That event stripped away our false sense of security. No fhackin' place is safe and it pisses me the fuck off. I want you two to live a life filled of fun, laughs, travel, experiences and other shit that's going to make you who are and will be.

What I'm trying to say to you is, be smart, be safe, but fuck terrorists. They will never strip away our pride. They will never take away the life that you want. Go get it. Mommy and Daddy will be here to support you however we can. You know that. And you can bet your ass that I'll do whatever I can to make that happen.

So as you get older and every Patriot's Day there's a huge sense of pride and weird sense of loss that you may feel/hear about, just read this post and say...

...fuck it, we are Boston Strong. 

Then watch this and say it again...

Luv you guys...
- Dad

p.s. If you learn anything from mommy and I, it's that you don't take shit from anyone. You are tough Boston broads who are beautiful, wikked smahht and will succeed at everything you put your heahhht towards.