Mailbox iOS App Rollout a Marketing Winner

I'm an Apple fan and as a result, like products and software that takes a minimal approach to the user interface, design, functionality, etc. I'm also a productivity junkie. I like software that helps me organize my to-do lists, work tasks, manage products and of course, manage email. This is why I think Mailbox for iOS is going to be a killer email app.

Check out this video:

Of course, this is a product video so it's supposed to make the app look awesome.

There has been a steady stream of hype around the app, but it's been behind close doors. We couldn't get our hands on it.

Today, however, it's been pushed out to the iTunes.

Before you rush off to download it, keep reading.

You have to get in line, literally.

I signed up for a beta list a while ago and was notified that the app was available to me. However, upon downloading the app and starting it, I got this message:

 The explanation about the reservation system

The explanation about the reservation system

Every time you check the the app, it brings you to the virtual reservation line:

 The reservation number for Mailbox

The reservation number for Mailbox

The discuss button above, brings you to Twitter, specifically a search for "@Mailbox" and shows users talking about their excitement, product reviews from media and of course, the reservation system.

From a technology standpoint, I'm sure the reservation system is doing what it's supposed to do. From a pure marketing perspective, I think it's working wonders.

It's a steady drip of marketing messages created by the brand, but also the folks who are eagerly awaiting their "number" to get the app working on their phone.

They will be whether or not the app delivers on its promise. If it does, then the campaign to which they launched the app was absolutely brilliant. If the app fails, I stil think the marketing campaign was brilliant. The PR folks can just spin the app shortcomings to it being a first version.

Win win in my book. You?