Oreo Won the #Brandbowl and Didn't Spend Any Money

Baltimore may have won the Super Bowl, but Oreo won the #Brandbowl. Best part is, they didn't spend a dime on advertising, thanks to their efforts on Twitter.

When the lights went out in New Orleans, the Oreo social media team went into action. The brand tweeted out:

 Oreo tweeted a brilliant ad during the black out during the Super Bowl

Oreo tweeted a brilliant ad during the black out during the Super Bowl

This ad works for a few reasons:

  • It was timely
  • It was funny
  • It was simple

All the talk this morning -- other than the obnoxious Ray Lewis antics -- is about Oreo. While other brands are vying for the #brandbowl crown, I'd give it to Oreo for their responsiveness to a situation that everyone was talking about online.

How did they get this done?

Well, they had a command center set up, which is critical for real-time social media engagement. They had all the right players in the room (agency, community managers, brand executives, creatives and decision makers). The brand is suitable for this type of humorous consumer engagement (suitable as in this doesn't work if the spot is for Samsung, for example). Lastly, and most importantly, they inserted themselves into a conversation that was happening anyways -- the Super Bowl and the #Brandbowl. This is the proverbial, "strike while the iron is hot."

Hot isn't the word. Just search for Oreo and see what pops up on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Twitter

I personally thought it the spot was brilliant. It'll be a case study that folks in this business will be using frequently for years to come.

What brands did you think cut through the clutter yesterday?