Red Sox Pushing Hard on the Public Relations Front

We know about the magical 2004 season that ended the 86 year draught. We know about the dominating 2007 season when they walked all over the competition to secure a second World Series in three years.

We also know about the epic collapse and chicken and beer in 2011 as well as the horrendous effort put forth by the team in 2012.  

There was Terry. There was Bobby V. There was the fire sale of players to the Dodgers.

We're talking the Red Sox and because of the previously stated issues, the public relations machine is working hard.

 Brown bags over heads at Fenway is becoming the norm, as opposed to Sweet Caroline

Brown bags over heads at Fenway is becoming the norm, as opposed to Sweet Caroline

In today's Sunday Globe, there are two stories that are all about the image of the Sox and how the team is trying to win back fans by winning, not by selling bricks.

Somehow, someway, the owners of the team lost their way. They were blinded by the success of 2004 and 2007 seasons (not to mention the windfall of profits via merchandising).

Since 2007, the team has been about "Sweet Caroline", reliving the championship seasons and turning Fenway into an amusement park as opposed to the oldest professional baseball park in the country.

Will the PR blitz work?


Winning will get the team back into the graces of Bostonians.

With the Celtics continuing to be a middle of the road (high potential team), the Patriots continuing to be in the hunt and the Bruins playing an elite style of hockey, the Red Sox are Boston's bottom feeders.

For Sox nuts, that's a tough pill to swallow. And, with season ticket sales down 10 percent, the fall in pecking order is hitting the owners in the wallet (which is what they really care about).

With a new coach, new players and the PR campaign in full swing (ahem, truck day), the Sox hope spring will not only bring flowers, but also a slew of W's and a sold out Fenway.

Only time will tell.

What do you think the Sox will do this year?