RIP Posterous: The Death of the Lifestream

Remember when "lifestream" was the catch-phrase of the day?

Loads of social media wonks were talking about Posterous being the "lifestream" service. People would use the service to post photos, short thoughts, rants on news stories, etc. It was bite-sized content for a bite-sized content world.  

What the service really provided was a simple way to create, management and curate daily content, while pushing that content to other networks to drive traffic.

 Posterous WAS the easy way to "lifestream"

Posterous WAS the easy way to "lifestream"

Well, Twitter snatched it last year and hasn't done anything with it really. It was a people acquisition, I'm guessing.

Fast forward to today and Twitter put the final nail in the coffin, announcing the discontinuation of the service on April 30, 2013.

Guess the lifestreaming stuff just didn't catch on as most thought it would.

RIP Posterous.