The role of religion in my life


Growing up, we weren't  a very religious family. We did the Sunday church thing from time to time. I went to CCD all the way through confirmation. I followed the same path as my parents did for religious education. I learned some things. Learned to question stuff as well. 

These days, many parents don't have their kids get involved with religious education. We are a cynical society. We need proof. We don't believe in things bigger than us until we need someone with higher powers to answer a prayer or in some cases answer the question, "why?". That's ok. We can all believe in whatever we please.

For me religion is a way to reflect on the current state of affairs in my life. Mostly I spend the time in church thinking about my Dad. Other than at his graveside, it's the one place where I feel I can talk to him son to father. Just him and I. Chatting about what's happening in my life; how the kids are doing; talking shop about the Bruins; and, just how I miss him more and more each day.

That's religion's role in my life these day. What about you?