Super Bowl: Yes, We Boston Fans Can Sulk

2013-02-03 08.22.21.jpg

The Boston Globe did a story today about how us Boston sports fans are a sulking bunch. On this Super Bowl Sunday, the Globe reminded us of how great things have been since 2001 -- or not so great.

We've experienced three Super Bowl wins, two World Series Championships, one NBA Championship and one NHL Stanley Cup. For those of you who are counting, that's seven championships and seven parades. We've loved every minute of it. As a result, we're spoiled.

This is exactly why others around the country hate us Boston fans. They are jealous of the fact that our teams have won so many championships in a short period of time. The haters think that we've been handed these championships on a silver platter.


The owners are dedicated to winning because it helps with sales. Good teams sell out stadiums, which mean more concessions, team gear sold, etc., etc.

Winning sells, that's the point.

We've been extremely lucky. We know that. We also know that we're heading to the end of a good run.

The Patriots have been to the dance twice since 2007-08 (18-1); the Sox have been close but now are in shambles; the Celtics were a 2008 Championship flash in the pan; and, the Bruins are the only hope with a team that's leading the Eastern Conference as of the writing of this post. 

 What could have been.

What could have been.

I understand why the Globe wanted to do this story. I get it. I really do. Yet, it still feels like a little salt in the wound. Yea, I know, that comes across as if I'm whining. I sort of am. I want my teams to win. I expect more parades. That's what we've been accustomed to. Can't hate us for that, right?