The Jackson 5 made the best Christmas album ever

The Jackson 5 put out a Christmas album before I was born -- 1970. Once it was introduced into our family back in the bell bottom days, it stuck, Everyone from my aunts, uncle, brother, mom and my kids play it. It's our family Christmas album. Yes, ours, not yours. Ours. 

It's been played in our family for years and years. I can't remember a Christmas when it wasn't played. 

I play this album when the kids and I set up the Christmas tree and Christmas morning when they are opening gifts. It's the same routine every year. It doesn't feel like Christmas until Michael and his brothers are belting out tunes in our house, constantly. My kids love the album to and now request it as I once did when I was a kid. 

Music is one of those fabrics that are woven into #DadLife.