Mailbox iOS App Rollout a Marketing Winner

I'm an Apple fan and as a result, like products and software that takes a minimal approach to the user interface, design, functionality, etc. I'm also a productivity junkie. I like software that helps me organize my to-do lists, work tasks, manage products and of course, manage email. This is why I think Mailbox for iOS is going to be a killer email app.

The Social Networking Dilemma for Parents

Facebook logo1 jpg  542×301

Today the Globe has a story about the dilemma parents face with social networking.

[Social Networking] It’s become one of the most pressing questions for parents of children growing up in the digital age: When should they let their children join Facebook or should they be on the site at all? An estimated 7.5 million preteens - including 5 million under 10 - are part of the social network in violation of Facebook’s terms of service, according to Consumer Reports.

I have nephews and a niece who are under the acceptable age for signing up for Facebook, but are on Facebook. I see the interactions they have with their friends and family. Sometimes I find it strange. Sometimes I find it cool (mostly because I can keep up with how they are doing in school, athletic activities, etc.).

Little iPhotography Tips Courtesy of the Interwebs

I love the internet. I love the fact that everyday, I can open up Feedly and find a few tidbits of information that help me do something more efficiently. And, as an avid photographer (DSLR and mobile), I love photography tips and tricks.

Here's a brilliant one from TUAW about using your iPhone headset as a cable release while taking pictures, i.e. your headphones can be a remote:

Use your iPhone headset as a camera cable release | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

This comes in very handy when you're using a tipbod for your iPhone.

Oh, you don't use a tripod? Well, your second tip is about the Glif:

This is the Glif. from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

Google Search for iPad is Good But Needs Real Plus App

Downloaded the new Google search app for the iPad and it has a pretty cool new UI. Other than that it's pretty simple. I wish Google would develop a native app for plus. The web based version sucks. As for the search app, it does have voice and instant search -- two cool features.

Apple's Nod to the Memory of Steve Jobs

As an Apple fan, I'm saddened to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. The world lost a visionary today. His legacy will live on through the innovative products that Tim Cook, et al, will produce over the next decade and beyond.

In my opinion, Apple does everything right. Even with the passing of Jobs, the company handled it in typical Apple fashion. Simple, to the point and it just seems to work.

See ya Steve.

Apple  Remembering Steve Jobs

Apple Allegedly Loses Another Unreleased iPhone…Again

Apple loses another unreleased iPhone  exclusive | Apple  CNET News

I'm an avid Apple gadget owner. I love my iPhone, Macbook, Mac Air, iPad 1 & 2, etc. Yes, I'm a fanboy. So, of course, I'm following right along with the iPhone 5 rumors. While the iPhone 4 is a great device -- probably the best functioning mobile device I've ever owned -- I'm going to get the iPhone 5. Why? Because I have technology issues. Yes, I know it's silly, but it's my money so...

Anyways…I read this story and said to myself, oh no, not again. Did Apple really lose an iPhone 5 prototype? Didn't we already go through this with the loss of the iPhone 4, which trumped Apple's unreleased device presser -- the last iPhone Steve Jobs will ever unveil?

I find it hard to believe that this is legit. If it is legit, it has to be a PR ploy. You figured that a company with this much marketing power wouldn't stoop to something this low. There are enough rumors, device renderings and leaked parts that most of us Apple watchers have figured out -- within reason -- what the device will look like and what specs might be included.

What do you think? PR ploy or just some moron who got loaded at a bar and forgot his iPhone 5?

Source: Apple loses another unreleased iPhone (exclusive) | Apple - CNET News

No Computer on Vacation; iPhone to the Rescue

Didn't bring my laptop on vacation with me and I thought I'd struggle with that. I'd have to check email, be connected, etc.

But, no problem. iPhone to the rescue. I can read my news sites; check email; blog (writing this on the Squarespace iPhone app); take pics and videos; and, keep tabs on my social nets.

I have an Android Samsung inFuse but for some reason the gps crapped out on the way down here. It wasn't reliable for me but the iPhone on the other hand, is rock solid. It just works. So no need for the laptop. iPhone comes through.

Apple Release New eBook for iBookstore – ‘iPad at Work’ — iPad Insight

Google Chrome

The iPad is great on many levels. It's good for reading books, playing games, productivity, etc. It's also great for keeping parents sane, which is a whole other post for another day. In fact, I already wrote that post for CNN and it got a ton of attention.

But, for me, the iPad is mostly about business productivity. That's been the beef with the tablet since day one -- that it was an overblown couch jockeying laptop wannabe. Guess that's why Apple took the effort to explain to you why the device is made for business.

Apple Release New eBook for iBookstore – ‘iPad at Work"

Mac OSX Lion is Great, But...

20110525 Mac LION pic 2

I'm roughly 72+ hours into my OSX Lion experience and it's great. I won't get into all the stuff that's awesome about it, but rather the things that bug me:

  • Touch pad functionality doesn't work well in Chrome or Firefox.
  • In browser scrolling (window in a window) is a horrible experience in other browers.
  • The app window (you know, the bigger version of the iPhone), is sort of useless to me so far. It adds a slew of things that are installed on your machine and I can't figure out a way to delete them other than to go into the applications panel and do it from there.
  • At first, my mac ran slower, but after a couple of reboots, it was working just fine.
  • The swipe functionality to go from different work spaces works ok, not as smooth or untuitive as I'd like it.

These are minor beefs, the biggest is the browser stuff. I'm sure that'll get fixed with some patches by Google and Mozilla.

What do you like/hate about Lion?