NASCAR Meets NHL Ice Skates

Gotta love sports technology.

Busted up hockey blades? Just use the "Seidz" skates where you can unscrew the blades and slap on some new ones in just a minute or so.

Super Bowl: Yes, We Boston Fans Can Sulk

Boston has been known, over the past 12 years or so, as Title Town. However, since the 2011 Stanley Cup, Boston teams have floundered when it comes to winning on the big stage. 

The Boston Globe published a story today, on Super Bowl Sunday, about the sulking Boston fan base -- a fan base who has been accustomed to winning, but is now relegated to think about our pre-2001 days when we all found comfort in our losing ways and used those feelings to fuel the passion we have for our teams.

Messages to Dad: Bruins Playoffs…Here We Go!


Hey Pops…Bruins started their playoff run today. We are facing the Capitals in the first round. Kelly just scored a game winner in OT. Bruins win game 1. Susie and I are headed to the game on Saturday. I can't wait to go.

I'll admit, when the game was starting tonight, I got pretty choked up. Just not the same watching playoff hockey and knowing that I won't talk to you tomorrow about the game. We did that all the time and I'm going to miss it terribly.

I thank you for hooking me on to the Bruins at an early age. I'm a fan forever because of you and nights like this, as my heart is pumping after an exciting win, all I can do is think of you.

Miss ya.

Tick Tock, There's a Battery in That Clock

I can't believe it. I'm still in shock. The Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champions. Yes, the Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champions.

One more time...the Bruins, yes, THOSE Bruins, are the Stanley Cup Champs.

And for those of you wondering if we put a battery in that bet your ass we did!!!

Stay tuned for more pics and videos from the celebration I had with my brother and father. Talk about emotions? Oh man...there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


P.S. Check out this post over at Digital Dads about the Bruins and the clock.